Cyber Essentials Liability Insurance

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Cyber Essentials Liability Insurance

Get free insurance when you achieve Cyber Security Essentials.

What’s Covered

  • Liability:

    Claims made against you arising out of media activities and privacy and security wrongful acts.

  • Event Management:

    Costs, including emergency costs, following a data breach, including the costs of notifying data subjects. These might typically include payment for Legal, IT, Forensic & PR specialists.

  • Extortion Demands:

    Ransoms and other cyber extortion.

  • Regulatory Investigations:

    Defence costs & regulatory fines (where insurable by law).

  • Business Interruption:

    Loss of profit and / or operational expenses caused by a network compromise.

  • Loss of Electronic Data:

    Costs of remedying the issue that allowed the loss or damage to your data and costs to replace, restore or update your data.

    (To the limit of the policy liability)

What’s Not Covered

  • Money stolen by electronic means or cyber fraud.
  • Excesses apply
  • Anything above the Indemnity Limit

    The £25,000 limit of indemnity might be sufficient for a small breach or incident but inadequate for a serious problem or more than one incident. Higher limits of indemnity are available.