Advanced Threat Protection

Advanced Threat Protection

Internal network threat protection

Examples of typical internal threats that Cyber Hawk can discover include:

  • Unauthorized logins or attempts to restrict computers
  • New user profiles suddenly added to the network
  • Applications just installed on a locked-down system
  • Unauthorized wireless connections to the network
  • New users just granted administrative rights
  • Unusual midnight log-in for the first time by a day-time worker
  • Sensitive personal data such as credit card numbers, social security numbers, and birth dates stored on machines where it doesn’t belong

Some of the threats that Cyber Hawk uncovers are based on pre-configured settings. Others are based on “Smart-Tags” that we set up based on that your specific policies and permissions. Cyber Hawk also establishes baseline system configurations and recognizes user trends over time, a critical component for identifying anomalous behaviours and activities.

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