Is training in cybersecurity important?

When you give some thought about the tools for improving your company’s cybersecurity, it is likely that things such as anti-virus software, firewalls and encryption spring instantly to mind. And, if it appears at all, security training is probably way down the list.

However, security training is amongst one of the foremost effective ways to guard your business against cyberattacks. Here’s everything you would like to know. 

Why is training so important? 

According to research, 90% of cyber breaches can be attributed to human error. Or, in simpler terms, if your employees are not responsive to what cyber threats look like, they are more likely to fall foul of them. 

The most likely way to combat this is through staff security training. Training can help your employees better recognize and understand the threats they see daily. And, more importantly, find out how to counter them. 

90% of all cyber breaches can be attributed to human error

What does effective security training look like? 

Firstly, there’s no such thing as a universal security training package that fits every business. At least not if you wish it to be effective for your business. The kind of training your company needs will depend on your employees and their knowledge gaps. 

For some organizations, this requires starting with the fundamentals. Whereas, in others, training addressing specific weak spots in employee knowledge will prove the most effective route. To read up on tailoring training to your companies needs, check out this excellent piece from our UX Researcher Anete.

Whichever approach you decide on, remember there is such a thing as an excessive amount of information. Learning about cybersecurity (especially for the beginner) can feel daunting. 

There is a large number of threat types and concepts to learn. So keep it simple. Your employees don’t require to know everything or become cybersecurity experts. They only require the knowledge that is most relevant to your industry or business. 

Training should be carried out little and often. Little, because no one learns best when overwhelmed. Often, so that your people get into the habit of engaging with cybersecurity regularly. 

Think short, sharp exercises that fit into a dinner break or the time between meetings. It is important that the training does not impact employees’ core work or become a chore they quickly disengage from. 

And, finally, make it exciting and engaging. Include a mixture of text, videos and interactive tasks in your training. After all, few people learn best when the method is boring or feels like a slog.  

How does one get started? 

By this time, you are hopefully convinced by the benefits of security training. You also may even have a good idea of which knowledge gaps you would like to address within your company. But where do you get started?  

At UK Cyber Security Ltd, we have spotted a gap within the marketplace for engaging, jargon-free training to assist you to build cybersecurity awareness within SMEs. UK Cyber Security Ltd is simple training tailored to your business.

UK Cyber Security Ltd helps your employees sharpen their knowledge of cyber threats and develop the skills needed to avoid them.

If you would like to know more, do get in touch as we are happy to answer any questions.

Looking to improve your cybersecurity but not sure where to start? Begin by getting certified in Cyber Essentials, the UK government’s scheme that covers all the technical controls that will provide the protection that you need to help guard against criminal attacks. Or just get in touch by clicking contact us.

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