Find & Fix Security Flaws with UK Cyber Security Vulnerability Analysis

Analysis is vital for ensuring you are completely secure, this technique is conducted by the Blue Team, a group of individuals highly qualified to analyse any security issues. The analysis commonly includes identifying any security flaws and verifying the effectiveness of any implemented security measures by carrying out security audits, log and memory analysis, digital footprint analysis and much more.

Vulnerability assessments also play a part by providing your systems with non-intrusive, automated and regular tests to identify security loopholes in your systems and networks, rather than specific attack scenarios. These vulnerabilities are then measured on a scale of severity.

Your Cyber expert will provide you with a full report that outlines all vulnerabilities.
This can then be followed up with full penetration testing. The two work together to create a clear picture of the flaws and associated risks in an application.

Vulnerability testing is particularly effective for organisations who have a medium to high security maturity, are aware of known security issues, and would like to manage their vulnerabilities through continuous testing.

 Most Popular
……………………..Remote Vulnerability AnalysisOn-Site Vulnerability Analysis
Suitable forBusinesses with some understanding of information securityBusinesses with no foundation in information security
IncludedConsultant-led advice at all stages 1
Remote Scans 
Consultant-led advice at all stages
On-site support 2
Cost£695* (ex VAT)£1,595* (ex VAT)
1 Remote support limited to 1 day via telephone, email or video conferencing. Additional days are available at our standard rate.
2 On-site support limited to 1 day. Additional on-site days are available and chargeable at our standard rate.

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