Why Use A Secure Configuration?

Why Use A Secure Configuration?

There are many best practices in the cyber security market that can improve a business’s digital safety and reduce the chances of a potentially devastating cyber-attack.

One of these best practices is a secure configuration, but many corporate executives, particularly those without a strong background in technology, might not understand this phrase.

Without knowing what a secure configuration is and why it’s so crucial for your organisation, you won’t be able to make full use of it and create a secure process that will keep your organisation safe.

The team at UK Cyber Security understands the importance of a secure configuration and why every business needs to implement one when building its online systems.

To help business leaders and project managers to understand this term, its implications and its importance, we’ve put together this handy guide to secure configurations.

What Is A Secure Configuration?

Secure configuration is the process of setting up your business’s hardware and systems correctly. As part of this process, businesses have to make sure that any new solutions comply with the company’s cyber security processes.

When you’re implementing new technology and solutions in your organisation, you need to make sure that you collaborate with a technology expert who can help you to reconfigure the security settings.

With the settings configured correctly, your system will be as secure as possible, and you’ll be able to make the best possible use of your new hardware.

Any organisation that wants to stay safe should implement security configuration management processes. These strategies allow them to check the configuration of all their devices and identify any misconfigurations and fix them.

When new devices are bought onboard, you and your team can quickly identify the security settings that need changing and ensure that they comply with your cyber security processes.

Why Does Every Business Need A Secure Configuration?

Implementing a secure configuration might not seem necessary to many business managers. After all, you might see that the maker of your computing equipment has implemented security measures, and you might think that these are all that you need.

While it is true that manufacturers offer default security settings on their hardware and digital tools, these might not be the most secure option for your organisation.

These default security settings aren’t tailored to your business’s unique requirements and its existing cyber security and computing set-ups.

While using these existing security settings when setting up your gear can save you time and effort, they could potentially lead to a vulnerability that could put your business at risk.

If there is a gap in your company’s cyber security, then hackers could be able to get into your system. This issue could mean that you’re not compliant with relevant data protection regulations and that you potentially lose control of your system.

These default security settings are often available for anyone to view online, so cyber-criminals will be able to find them out and create ways to get around them.

Therefore, they might be able to identify a breach in your cyber security and quickly find a way to enter your system and cause you problems.

So, you need to consider implementing a secure configuration whenever you install new devices and add them to your corporate computing system.

This secure configuration can be developed by your in-house IT team. If you don’t have an in-house IT department, you can collaborate with an external team of cyber security experts such as us to ensure that your system is always secure.

Why Is A Secure Configuration Part Of UK Cyber Security’s IASME Governance And Cyber Essentials?

At UK Cyber Security, we’re authorised providers of Cyber Essentials and IASME Governance certification. These third-party certificates show that your business is deeply committed to online safety and protecting the data of your clients, potential customers, staff and other stakeholders.

As such, these certificates can be vital for modern businesses. Cyber Essentials was developed by the UK government to help organisations to understand the basics of cyber security and prove that they have implemented vital strategies.

IASME Governance is an advanced version of Cyber Essentials that was created by the company that helped the government to create the original certification.

Both certification programs require companies to use a secure configuration to ensure that all software products installed are safe.

That’s because a misconfiguration could result in a vulnerability in your system, which allows online criminals to access your system and potentially cause it harm.

With a secure configuration, you can reduce the number of vulnerabilities in your system and reduce the threat of a cyber-attack.

The UK government and the IASME both understand the importance of a secure configuration for businesses, which is why they’ve both made it a vital part of their cyber security certification.

Start Working With UK Cyber Security To Improve Your Digital Safety

Implementing a secure configuration and other cyber security practices requires technical expertise and up to date industry knowledge.

While you can use online resources such as UK Cyber Security’s blog to improve your knowledge, you should also consider collaborating with our experienced team to ensure your business is secure when operating online.

Whether you want to learn about secure configuration, instigate disaster recovery, undertake a cyber health check or more, we can help.

Our team can share their expertise, help you to achieve cyber security certification, improve your company’s practices, provide awareness training to your staff and much more.

Whether you manage a large, multi-sector organisation, a small local business or anything in between, we have the cyber security support services you need.

We work with clients from a wide range of sectors so that you can get the benefit of our far-reaching expertise and cyber security knowledge. Our staff work hard to stay up to date with the latest industry developments and ensure that we always offer the innovative and correct advice and services that our clients need.

Feel free to get in touch with us, and we can help you to transform your organisation and ensure that it is constantly protected, no matter what developments in online safety the future might bring.

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