Why you need to patch and update your software

Before we begin to discuss why you need to patch and update your software, it will be vital for us to have an in-depth understanding of what patches are and their importance to computer devices.

Patches are operating system updates which address security vulnerabilities in a product or program. It is a piece of software released by vendors for the security of their products. It is being installed on the current installation, and it does not require uninstallation or reinstallation.

You may have seen some popups or messages appearing in your system notifying you of system updates. These are patches or system updates that are important to help keep the security of your network system strong.

These pop-up messages and little icons notifying you of the system updates are crucial to the security of your computer device.  Though sometimes, we find it difficult to update them in a timely fashion. Giving excuses like my system update is insignificant and disrupting; I don’t think I need to update my system because it’s working fine, I don’t have time to reboot my system etc. It is, however crucial to always update our applications. If you dismiss these notifications, your device will be at risk, so reconsider the practice of patch and software updates and apply them when needed.

Applying system updates is very important. This is why you need to update your applications anytime the need arises because if you don’t, it will be possible that hackers might be infecting your device with some virus or malware.

Why are software updates important?

It is essential to keep your software updated because when you update your software, you get the best performance of your computer. Your system is also protected against malicious threats and cyber attacks. When you ignore any software update, you make your computer vulnerable to infection. Even though downloading and installing updates can sometimes be tedious, the advantages are worth the time.

When to update your software.

Software vendors usually make updates available on their website whenever there are updates available. It is recommended that all security updates are installed within 14 days of release. Anytime you see any update on your computer system, update as soon as possible to protect your system against Cyber attackers who want to take advantage of new system vulnerabilities.

Some software automatically checks for an update, and most vendors offer users the option to update their software automatically. So if the automatic options to update your software are available, it is advised to take advantage. It is important always to check vendors websites for updates and take action immediately.

Before you download and install any system update, ensure it is from a trusted vendor website. Try as much as possible to disregard any link from any email from the system update because hackers can send you an email link for a system update. If you update your system via the link, you can potentially expose your system to Cybercrimes.

Reasons for patch management

Below are some of the reasons why patch management is vital to your system.

System uptime

With patch management in place, your applications and software run smoothly and are kept updated, supporting system uptime.


Patch management helps to reduce security risk and fixes vulnerabilities on your applications and software susceptible to cyber-attacks.

feature improvements

Patch management does a critical job ensuring that you have the greatest and the latest update. It goes beyond fixing software bugs; it includes new features and functionality updates.


Because of the increase in cyber attacks, organisations are advised by regulatory bodies to maintain some level of compliance. This is why patch management is vital because it helps to adhere to compliance standards.

From the light above, we can see that patch and software updates are significant to avoid threats and damage to our systems. We will be considering below some reasons why patch and software updates are essential to our computer and network system.

Reasons why software updates and patches are important

Software update help protect your data

We are in the cyber age where we keep or save most of our documents and valuable information on our devices and even on the internet. Updating our software and application helps to protect these valuable from Cyber attackers.

Cybercriminals are out there looking for a means to get any valuable data and commit cyber crimes, updating your software will help to protect your valuable data from them.  Software updates help to keep hackers out, thereby avoiding the damages that they could potentially commit.

Software or application updates help patch security flaws.

A security flaw, also known as software vulnerability or Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVEs), are security weaknesses or holes found in an operating system. Hackers take advantage of this security flaw when writing codes to target the vulnerabilities. This malicious software which can steal saved information on your computer gives hackers access to your system and encrypt your files. Software updates and patches cover security holes, thereby preventing hackers from gaining entry to your systems.

Software updates have lots of benefits.

Updating your software has a lot of benefits for you. It overrides outdated software, add new features to your device, repair security holes and fix and remove computer bugs. Updating software is a sure way of ensuring that your operating system is running the latest version.

You enjoy the latest versions with updated features.

Updates on your system do not only fix holes; they also add new features while the existing ones are improved. Software updates are all about you. It boosts program performance, and you enjoy more speed.

Patch and software updates are a way of making the most of your computer and a great way to fight Cybercrimes. It can be seen as cyber security and a way of securing your system and that of others. If your system is infected, there is a chance of infecting other people devices when you send information to them.

Ensure to keep your device updated and get trusted security programs that will help keep your device secured. If you must make the most of your device and keep your valuable data safe, do not forget to update your software/application to have a secured and safe computer and network system experience.

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